About Us

Kanas was founded in 1996 with a core focus on building structures with superior building envelopes, durable finishes and low operating costs. Our innovative methods and materials ensure our buildings are comfortably occupied and environmentally sustainable over the long term. This core focus allows Kanas the ability to design, develop and manage affordable rental housing and incorporate a triple bottom line philosophy of social, economic and environmental stewardship to all of our business practices.

We are known for progressive approaches, such as insulated concrete forms, high ash content concrete, co-generation units, solar energy, triple plane windows, Hambro composite joist systems, EFIS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems) and HVAC systems deliver clean air to each unit. All of our buildings to date are of non-combustible construction. We invite you to review our project portfolio which includes Parkhill I, Alberta’s first Energuide-rated multi-family building and Lumio B, the tallest insulated concrete form building in Western 
Canada (15 storeys). 

Kanas strives to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with its suppliers, trade contractors and consultants. We work hard to ensure that all parties are engaged in the project to ensure the day to day challenges are dealt with in a creative and innovative approach because we foster an environment of teamwork with our partners.

As building owners ourselves, we are able to put ourselves in an owner’s position and understand what adds value to their bottom line. We are extremely proud of our diverse management team that works diligently to ensure our projects are completed to the highest quality for our clients.

Robert Sipka
P.Eng., President